Thursday, August 29, 2013

Propeller Bitter

I have been waiting a long time to get my hands on some Propeller Bitter (officially called their Extra Special Bitter), partially for the chance to review it for this blog, and partially because I have had it in the past (mostly in Nova Scotia) and have loved every drop of it.  My trip to Nova Scotia in 2009 was pretty much fuelled by Propeller Bitter as I fell in love with this delicious beer.  I have had it occasionally since (when the LCBO used to sell it) and was not disappointed so when my friend Chad brought me back a 6 pack from Nova Scotia I was a very happy bunny!  It has been a long time so I was concerned that it isn't as good as I remembered it, but fortunately I was not disappointed

Propeller Bitter is an amazing beer, it's so amazing that it is tricky to describe.  A sip is almost like a wave, it starts off quite bitter, and then really flows into this wonderful malty and caramelly taste, finishing up with another little jolt of bitterness. It's much more caramelly that a lot of other bitters and at 30 IBU's it is noticeably bitter, but not overwhelming like a Fuller's ESB or a lot of IPA's, Propeller have definitely struck a great balance here.   It is also delightfully full bodied, meaning that unlike some other beers the taste doesn't drop off into a watery abyss, so one sip of propeller is worth many sips of many other beers.   This is honestly one of my two or three favourite beers of all time, and I urge anyone who is in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick to give it a try, it is a true marvel in a glass.

Propeller Bitter is available throughout Nova Scotia in NSLC stores as well as on draught all across the province.  Their website also indicates that it is available at liquor stores in New Brunswick and some propeller beers are sold in Alberta and BC.  Sadly for us dwellers of Ontario it is no longer available at the LCBO, but if you ever do find it at a bar or restaurant you need to a) have one and b) tell me where you got it!!!

Rating: 5 Steins

What you need to know
Brewery/Prop Shop
2011 Gottingen Street
Halifax, NS B3K3B1




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