Monday, January 6, 2014

Trou de Diable: La Saison du Tongka

Have you ever wanted to try a beer that tastes like candy?  Not "tastes like candy" as a figure of speech but "tastes like candy" as in actually tastes like candy, no? Me neither but Trou de Diable made one anyway and it is a very odd concoction.  Despite the odd idea you have to give props to the good folks at Trou de Diable for rolling the dice on this one, much more so than wine, beer is a drink that can really be experimented with and a brewmaster can really let their creative juices flow into a sudsy creation, and with a microbrewery there are no shareholders or accountants worried about the profit margins. 

Saison du Tongka is light copper coloured ale that I will admit I was more than a little skeptical about.  Immediately when you take a drink you get this overwhelming cherry candy flavour, sorta tasting like those cherry hard candies that grandmothers often seem to have.   Despite the cherry candy flavour, this is NOT a Belgian style kriek lambic beer , it is a north american style pale ale with cherry candy flavour.   It is surprisingly drinkable and smooth, but the cherry candy flavour is very strong.  Unfortunately the consistency does not back up the potential as it can be quite watery and the cherry candy taste can really overwhelm the rest of the beer.   It is a valiant effort but unless you really like the taste of cherry candy then you probably won't like it.  I didn't think it was that bad, and it is always interesting when brewmasters try new flavour combinations, but this one was a bit too ambitious.

It's a seasonal so you would be hard pressed to find it.  Personally I had it on draught at the Only Cafe in Toronto but their website lists a variety of establishments in Quebec that carry Trou de Diable beer.  They also have a store at their brewery in Shawinigan. 

Rating: 2 Steins.

What you need to know
412 Rue Willow
Shawinigan, QC
G9N 1X2


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