Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beyond the Pale: Breaking Bitter

Beyond the pale are one of the most adventurous microbreweries in Eastern Ontario, every week they have great new brews.  This is awesome because we always get to try new beer, but the drawback is that sometimes you will have an amazing beer but then they don't make it again.  Sitting here on my balcony having a glass of Breaking Bitter on a sunny Sunday afternoon is delightful, with a twinge of sadness as I don't know if and when they will make another batch.  I guess I should have bought 2 growlers of it.

Breaking Bitter is a Special Bitter (as opposed to an extra special bitter like propeller or Fuller's ESB).  As a result it is not exactly all that bitter, especially not compared to a lot of styles like IPA or APA.   Most ESB's pour a dark amber or red colour, but a special bitter will be closer to an Austrian lager or darker pale ale in colour, a dark yellow or honey colour and Breaking Bitter is no exception to that rule.  At 37 IBU's it has a good smoothness about it, but with a nice bitter finish to it, something that serves as a reminder that it is indeed something more robust than a golden lager.   As befitting BTP, it is also full bodied, none of the wateriness that some microbrews fall in to, this is a near perfect beer that is brilliantly refreshing as well as flavourful and a bit bitter.  There is something for everyone here.  At 5.3% you can also have a pint or two of it knowing that you will still be able to drive afterwards, which is an added bonus.

Unfortunately this batch of breaking bitter has sold out at their retail store, but apparantly Brothers Beer Bistro in the Byward Market got their hands on a keg of it, so if you are lucky you might get a hold of a pint there.  If you see it on tap elsewhere in the Ottawa area I would strongly suggest you give it a try, it is a great beer that anyone who likes any style of beer will enjoy.  If you ar reading this BTP, please please make more Breaking Bitter!

Rating: 4.5 Steins

What you need to know
Brewery Address:
5 Hamilton Ave N
Ottawa, ON
K1Y 1B4


Twitter: @BTPBrewing


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