Sunday, May 15, 2016

Steamworks Kölsch

The LCBO in Ontario tends to get quite a lot of criticism as a government controlled monopoly, but one thing they do well is stocking craft beer and they are always getting better as more and more craft beers from across Canada start making their appearance.  Steamworks brewery of Vancouver BC were a pleasant find for me as I looked for new beers to try, so I decided to give their kölsch a go.  kölsch is a beer style that originated in Cologne, Germany and is very much a part of the culture there.  A good kölsch is a sweet, light coloured lager that is usually served in tall, thin glasses.  In  kölsch pub in Cologne the glasses are quite small but I drank it from a traditional pint glass poured from a tallboy.  Regardless of the glass type, this is a very good example of the style, a nice and refreshing brew.

It pours a light yellow colour, which is a good sign for a kölsch, anything remotely dark will usually mean the beer is too heavy for kölsch.  The nose has a delightful sweet aroma with a touch of hops that helps release the beery goodness.  On the tongue you get a really nice and sweet flavour that belies a proper kölsch, this sweet intro progresses into a fairly full bodied (for a lighter beer) middle that progresses into a slightly bitter and hoppy finish.  A good kölsch will not be complicated but won't be watery, which Steamworks have done really well here.  It should be easy drinking but consistent and balanced which this has gotten spot on, this beer is very clean and refreshing.  Your macro-lager drinking uncle would really like this, a great intro to craft beer and a reminder to all the craft haters that there is more to this beer sector than pumpkin spiced IPA's.  Consumed on a hot day with a barbecued mild sausage (such as a bratwurst) this is an excellent beer.

It's available at their brewpub in Vancouver, at the LCBO in Ontario and I presume across BC and potentially in other parts of Canada.    

Alc 4.8%
IBU 22
Rating: 4 Steins

What you need to know



Brewery/Brewpub address
375 Water St.
Vancouver BC
V6B 5C8

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