Saturday, February 6, 2016

Waterloo Spiced Dunkel

Dunkel is a German word for dark, and Dunkel beer is a dark lager.  Most dunkels tend to be malty and sweet but not overly hoppy so I was looking forward to Waterloo's as they tend to make some really good German style beers, however their seasonal spiced dunkel is a bit of a disapointment.  

It pours a reddish brown colour (they call it mahogany colour) with minimal head.  The nose is quite interesting, with strong hints of pumpkin, cloves and other spices which gives the drinker the impression of this being an interesting and complex beer.  On the tongue you get a sweet and malty taste, but those spice notes you anticipate from the nose don't make the early appearance.  As the sip progresses, the flavour does indeed pick up as you get a nice nutmeg and clove tasted in the middle of the sip before it trails off into a watery finish. The nose really makes you think it will be a really complex and spicy beer, however it seems to fall a bit flat.  It's not a particularly bad beer, it's malty and smooth but the promise of spice doesn't pan out.

It's available at the LCBO and beer store in tallboys as well as at their brewery in Waterloo, ON.  It's a winter seasonal so only available for a little while.  

Alc 6.1% 

Rating: 2.5 steins

What you need to know

400 Bingemans Drive
Kitchener, ON
N2B 3X9




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